A Master with meaning

Once upon a time there was a Master of the Arts who would accept students only after “testing” them. The only problem with newcomers was that the Master was highly unpredictable, because he came up for every “candidate” with a different… torture.
You could never be prepared!
This is a story (oh sorry, a fairytale I mean…) of the dialogue between Master and Candidate, narrated by an apprentice who introduced the newcomer to the Dojo. 

Day One
Master:      What is your name?
Candidate:  John Doe
Master:      What is the meaning of life?
Candidate:  (Hesitates a bit, thinks, and inhales to speak…)
Master:       (Interrupts aggressively) …so, like most people, you as well
                    hesitate to give me an answer on a question that you should  
                    have known even better than your own name.
                   Your name, you can change if you wish, with another, with a
                    pseudonym, or a nickname of some sort.
                    Come back tomorrow with my answer (bows, turns, leaves)
Day Two
Master:       Well?
Candidate:  (Having lost half his sleep searching between the net and his
                    books) The meaning of life is to live a life full of meaning!
Master:       (Smiles) Ha! I’ve never heard that one before! Sounds good…
                    could be it! (Smile disappears)…but this is the answer to a
                    yesterday’s question. You are one day behind with an answer
                    that did not come from within you.
                   Come back tomorrow with my answer (bows, turns, leaves)
Day Three
Master:       (As he comes near)…I am all ears!
Candidate:  (Having lost all night’s sleep thinking) The meaning of life is
                    something that escapes me, but I must be close after it, or else I
                    wouldn’t be standing here…
Master:        Oh! (Rubbing his chin thoughtfully)
Candidate:   (Waits with a silent, but loud, anticipation his eyes wide)
Master:        All people die one day. How would you like to die?
Candidate:   (Completely loses it, drops a jaw, but makes a quick comeback
                    in an attempt to catch up with the Master)
                    Can I come back tomorrow on this one?!
Master:       (Trying without success to hide his amusement)
                   The most important thing in your life is that you’re living it!
                   And the very reason why this is important, is the fact that you 
                   may die any instant, a thing which happens in the end anyway.
                   How do you manage to miss the most important meaning of all             
                   by not having it answered for yourself?
                   (Raises his palm to intercept a possible coming answer) Don’t  
                   tell me, in my “condition” I might not survive your answer.
                   (And without taking his eyes from the candidate, who keeps his
                   silence, the Master addresses his apprentice who stands near by)                 
                   Suit up our young student for tonight’s lesson, so that he
                   will be properly dressed for his search of the meaning of life…
                   (bows, turns, leaves)

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