From Ka-ching to Ka-boom

Each time has its own customs and habits…  
Nowadays, when the media have incoming news, the tendency is to talk about them and analyze them, until they practically drop dead… unless something else happens (that is new on the news…) and the subject is changed.
If you take a closer look at this observation you will see that: TV shows find (at the speed of light) hosts that are willing to talk all day, books are written over night, products are being created before the milk that is in your fridge expires…
In any case, as a person, to comment and write about what is running on the news bulletin, is not my thing…
My preference is to talk about the news when they get… older. Thus, there is time for them and us to… mature. But what I enjoy most is when something I have written in the past (that looked really stupid to many at the time it was written) is now front line at the news and, of course, the “must thing to do”. It is then, when you can only feel like a… prophet (Hachiman forbid).

So, when you come up… wise, you are proudly entitled into re-appearing your writings, wave them with an attitude, and say “see, I told you so”. Today, in the middle of an economy crisis that spins out of control, I will do something different. I will dedicate a small part from Shania’s Twain song “Ka-ching” to all those who rose an eyebrow on my Martial economy views. This song was written back in 2003 when today’s “crisis” was being constructed…
As for me, I would say to some suits and to those who put their academic degree above common sense, that it’s payback time. But with no money in sight, it can’t even be named like that… can it?

We live in a greedy little world
that teaches every little boy and girl
To earn as much as they can possibly
Then turn around and spend it foolishly
We've created us a credit card mess
We spend the money that we don't possess
Our religion is to go and blow it all
So it's shoppin' every Sunday at the mall

Oh, all we ever want is more
A lot more than we had before
So take me to the nearest store
Can you hear it ring
It makes you wanna sing
It's such a beautiful thing
Lots of diamond rings
The happiness it brings
You'll live like a king
With lots of money and things

When you're broke, go and get a loan
Take out another mortgage on your home
Consolidate so you can afford
To go and spend some more when you get bored…

The way of the warrior has little to do with a short temper and a short memory. Some samurai would disguise their tsuba (sword guard) with black paint, hiding underneath it solid gold, as backup for times with a bad turn.

As always, the news sooner or later will be news no more. And as history teaches the entire thing will be forgotten only to be repeated in the future again…
As much as I detest conspiracy theories of any kind, here is a question for strong thinkers: Is this for real an “economy crisis” or is it a sort of prova generale? (dress rehearsal).   

For the time being I have this problem of finding my hammer! It’s time to smash the pig… 

January 23, 2009