Martial math
It is very likely, if you are practicing the Martial Arts, that the day will come (I remember much more than one day of those in my time) when you will put down your “numbers” and try to see what you have done so far.
It is only natural, from time to time, to add your actions into a final… bill, and then see how you will carry from there on.
The only problem in this sort of calculations is, that your counting is impossible to do, because the “numbers” you will be adding are not equal with each other.
But still, when you look at yourself and want to measure your doings, it is one final sum you wanna see, and underline!
Only then you can move on…

Let’s see some of those “numbers” we are talking about…

How many years am I practicing?
How does my Martial skill stand?
Under whom/how many did I study?
What will it take to do from now on in order to push my practice forward?

…and don’t tell me those are not issues to think hard about!

Being a Martial Artist is not as simple as it may look, especially if you do not like to fail in the long run.
They are three different qualities in which you must advance and prosper at the same time. First comes…
The Art
The Art is your tool, or your vessel if you like, in order to become an Art-ist.
The skill developed by the Art must be the best it can be and no less.
But even if you become in time a perfect fighting machine, you should not become a machine yourself. That is why one must practice under…
The Code
Martial skill must be based on control, on a way of thinking, on a moral etiquette and on ethics.
Does The Code stand in the way of ability? No, it does not, on the contrary.
The Code propels the Martial Artist to act beyond ego, in a selfless manner. And last but not least there is…
The Way
By forging himself between The Art and The Code the practitioner will open a path like no other. He will open his personal route to realization and “answer” the questions that man asked from the beginning of (his) time! 
He will open The Way.

If you come to a day where you will feel the need to make your “adding” about yourself, use the right “numbers” and get your calculation in line.

In The Art 1+1 makes 2
In The Code 1+1 brings 11
and in The Way 1+1 becomes 1

March 20, 2006