It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
But for any theory of words to be proven right, it must first survive the “test of the field”
Life teaches once too often, that anything is possible, if only conditions allow it…

From the beginning of putting down on paper “The Book In Between” many years have passed, that brought with them plenty of change. Nevertheless my intent stayed the same. It was and remains, to write with one hand, while keeping the other on my sword.
Between pen and sword, I never saw the point of proving what is “mightier” The idea was to do the best, in combining both… while keeping an eye on conditions!

A library surrounds my desk, and it’s stashed to the roof with books, magazines and writings of my favorite authors. It reminds me constantly of their work, though sometimes I get the feeling that I’m being… watched!
My own book and articles are never happy here. They want out as soon as possible…
Their true place to belong, is into other people's hands… mainly yours!

As an instructor I never thank a student of any level for attending my class.
In my view, a Dojo is the place where they should spend time…
But as a writer I am honored and I do thank my readers for having my work.

December 31, 2007