“The girl with the Sun in her hair”*

If life was like an empty sheet of paper, that one could write on his priorities and then pursue them, finding one’s mate could be with no doubt at the top of the list.
Of course before finding a mate, and since we are in a Martial Way “book”, we have to consider finding ourselves through practice and ask what I call “the big questions”.
But along with that, if we are not romantic enough to donate ourselves to our significant other, we will always be limping on one foot of an egocentric self.

It is simple and it’s plain. By the end of the day, or even better said, at the beginning of each day I face, I want to share myself with my Girl…

This is an…investment far better than any other, in the pursue of happiness. And sadly, though this is easy for anyone to grasp, it is the first thing that slips away from us, only “shortly after”…
Youngsters keep at it a little longer, by trying again and again, but most people become easily tired, give up and adopt a cynical attitude towards romanticism.
We are restless in hunting what we need, having first created unnecessary needs, under the excuse that these needs must be fulfilled!
So, much like in the Martial Arts, when and if we find love, we do not practice it correctly, we do cage it in a routine and that is the end of it.

What does it take to keep love alive?
Once more I will say that for matters like that, there is no answer. But keeping this very question attentive and alert inside of us, can make a difference.

If I have to make it, up close and personal for me, there is nothing like to see the Sun in her hair and feel her near to my side!

*John Barry music theme

P.S.: The Romeo and Juliet equation

*A couple of opposite gender is always the ideal combination. Three is a crowd (children are excluded as long as they are children and you have a good…nanny backup).

*Friends are good companionship of people also. But the intensity of your inner countdown and the agony to stay "together on your own" again, shows how deep, still, your love runs.

*Making love is of course a highlight. But since it can not last longer than it does, find and cultivate your common action, that you would like to share. (Working, sleeping and sitting around by the couch does not count!).

*There are two kinds of people.
The ones that are in search of a relationship and the ones that want out of a relationship.
Being in love is a lonely club in between, with members of lightning fast expiring couples.
If by any chance you have somehow managed to stick around a little longer, don’t pinch yourself, you are not in the twilight-zone, simply all the rest are not members of the club anymore.

*Aikido love: When you are in love, and I mean really love-struck, your Aikido improves by far, since you are more happy, open, relaxed, positive, not aggressive, and, most of all, totally aware in every direction.
These attitudes and feelings are necessary in order to make Aikido work anyway! If you feel aggressiveness for example, your Ki blocks, and as the Masters say: “No Ki no Aikido”

*People can talk all day long about what true love is (lately scientists have a… chemical opinion about the matter, too) but actions will always stand above words.
Because everything, and I mean everything, is revealed when the end comes. How many do you know that could wish her/him well and let go?
Platonic love rises above any egoism, occasion, circumstance, logic or explanation.
That is why it is so rare!

September 16, 2006