Aikido: The Book In Between

by Mario-GŁnter Frastas

390 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); illustrated; catalogue #04-1187; ISBN 1-4120-3360-8; US$43.02

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If you try to remember which books affected your life like no other, you will come up counting two or three fingers on your hand. This can be one of them!

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About the Book


The first thing that this book promises is that it makes no promises. Instead, it invites the reader to re-consider and to re-value his views and priorities about life, motivating him to become a promising person. Not just by reading this book, but through practice.

The tool of practice given here is the martial art called Aikido, a method of self-defense and discipline that goes back to Japan's Samurai training.

Aikido: The Book In Between does something daring. It sticks its 'nose' just about everywhere, refusing to "ignore" issues of life just for the sake of being politically correct. Divided into three parts (The Art, The Code, The Way) it stretches to all walks of life: politics, economics, religion, philosophy, command, and also ethics, friendship, love, death, movies, driving... All of it, given from the martial artist’s "point of view" that separates fairytale and myth, from the "true magic" of the Art.

This book has no doubts. But it leaves the reader the benefit of his doubt, offering knowledge above persuasion. You will not read anything about "diplomas" "ranks" "titles" and "recognitions" of the author. Only a series of his photos appear, that will absolutely stun you!

So, is this book some kind of "Samurai code" re-written? Is it maybe the modern practitioner’s philosophy guide? No, it's neither!

Discover for yourself why this book was named "The Book In Between".


About the Author

Mario-GŁnter Frastas was born in 1958 in Essen Germany. He found his way to the Arts in 1976, and in 1989 he opened his own Aikido Dojo, that has been in operation ever since. In 2005 he published Aikido: The Book In Between