Surfing book

The final destination of my books, is unknown to me (at least for the majority of them).
But every now and then, I find out where they were sent to, because some of my readers try and contact me.
So, somehow, you send out a book, and you get back a real living, breathing human being, that wants to take you to a “table of discussion”.
Usually, this happens with a question, a remark, a view to share, an argument to express…

But that’s not all, because some readers tend to take “The Book In Between” a step further.
And when this first started out, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to put down short stories, which are inspired from a reader’s question, remark etc. Of course it would look like random pieces of a puzzle…which reminds me, exactly the way “The Book…” was written!
I really don’t know at this point where it is going to take us, but it seems very interesting to me.

The road is open!

December 16, 2005


Ki (as in “The Force”)

Martial math

A rear-wheel drive… fountain pen!

Coming of age

A Master with meaning

The Cowboy effect

The ID insult

Questions alert…

Sharp as a knife

“The girl with the Sun in her hair”

Use your sense/s

The perfect failure, list

Going into the deepest dark

Essence above rank


“For a fistful of… Euros”

The Spartan soup

Flower power

Open-air cinemas!

The desire to better yourself


Callahan’s opinion

A predator like no other

The peace warrior

Hachiman’s… brother

The sword rules

These Japs are all… Chinese to me

Carman II-On the road to nowhere

Essence above rank II-No Admiral

Global “whatever” day

Hush! The movie is on…

From Ka-ching to Ka-boom

The way-in is going out

Use your sense/s II-Virtual nonsense

Finding future in a comeback

“The little green men”

Carman III-Easy driver

Only standard issue, Mister!

Being afraid of symbols

Swordwriting II-Sharp reading…

One way less to kill

Big words from little man

Fall seven times, get up eight…

Never hit or force your children

A futile education proposal

Carman IV-They don’t make’em like they used to

Swordwriting III-Can you dig it?

Scapegoat proverbs

The Cowboy effect II-Stranger…

Swimming in… ze nude!

Fritz fished fresh fish

Swordwriting IV-Writing instruments

Martial math II-2 equals 500

Raise the warrior’s banner

The sword rules II-To cut or not to cut

Swordwriting V-Short writing

Building us a future

Carman V-Carminator

A Master with meaning II-Heads or tails or what...

The killing desert

My youpi Friday

The Cowboy effect III-Paper hero

Open-air cinemas! II-The great wait

Questions alert II-Asking the right ones

The perfect failure, list II-Life coach

Once upon a time in a book...

Martial math III-The margin of zero*

Carman VI-Boys with toys!

The sword rules III-A past which was the future

Η πισωκίνητη... πένα!* / A rear-wheel drive… fountain pen!**

Sharp as a knife II-A separating distance

The dark light of “The Force”

A warrior’s glimpse on art

Once upon a time in a book... ΙΙ

And then, he returned to his good-old… bad self

The approach

The ID insult II-Tyrannosaurus-Bureaucratex

Swordwriting VI-Sword talk

Yeoman Janice Rand-A personal tribute

Carman VII-May the horse be with you

Martial math IV-10.000 dreams for no-man

The Cowboy effect IV-Becoming a Desperado

“Dark Tsuba”-The meanings behind our Dojo emblem

Emotional flood and labyrinth thinking

My heroes wore a cape

“How much money is enough?”

It all begins with a missing comma

Once upon a time in a book… III

The sad outcome of “McDojos”