Join us…
…but take a moment to reflect, before you do!                                                     

Keeping a timetable contains all the promises and all the results of one’s training. In Aikido, there is no point of graduation to reach, as it is with studies.
Neither is there a point of retirement, as it happens with a career.
Aikido is a “Way of life”… for life!
And yet, in this ultimate commitment, there is no stain of obligation. We are all free volunteers day in, day out and we enjoy being there.
In the Martial Arts “staying active in the practice” is an axiom which applies from the first-day-beginner up to the accomplished Master.  

For each lesson followed, the timetable below will create in its turn a “calendar of presences” of the participant. Thus, later on, it will show the actual timeline which the practitioner has spent in the Art…
All our lessons are conducted in a “close doors” manner.
Join us in practice by making an appointment!

Personal Training
The demand for personal training is high and keeps increasing. More and more men and women ask for private lessons… There are many reasons for this, but mostly this happens because each individual is different than the other, and modern life is much more complex, than it used to be in the past.

In case you’re interested in personal training please note:
We will respect your privacy and anonymity, to the fullest.
We offer the possibility of practice at your own space, too.
Last but not least, personal training is conducted individually, but still in accord and parallel to the Dojo’s regular program, so nothing will be missed on either side of the training…

“The best time to start practicing…
was yesterday”